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See what WinSleep is doing from a remote computer!

   Current Version:, released May 27, 2023.

WinSleep Monitor is the remote viewer for WinSleep.

  • Shows WinSleep programs running on any number of remote computers, including timeline graphs and sleep journals.
  • Sleep/Hibernate/Wake a client computer remotely.
  • Edit Sleep/Wake schedules remotely.
  • Connects to WinSleep clients by IP address or by computer name.
  • Connection is encrypted and secure: WinSleep authorizes the attempted connection by monitor IP address, monitor computer name, or by password.
  • WinSleep can accept requests from any number of Monitors, and a Monitor can connect to any number of WinSleeps.
  • WinSleep version or greater is required to connect to WinSleep Monitor.
  • WinSleep Monitor is free!

Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 11

Read the WinSleep Monitor FAQ


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Change Log: -

  • - Use .NET Framework 4.6.1.
  • - History log is now a separate window.
  • - More efficient Sleep Journal.
  • - Timeline graph now shows Stay Awake Programs.
  • - New Timeline Graph button on main window shows all open client views.
  • - Added tooltips.
  • - Added a Settings dialog.
  • - Revised the About Box. - More reliable read/write for configuration file. - Show last response time of client in Timeline view. Minor stability fixes. - Fixed timeline issue for multi-day awake periods. - Fixed date limit issue in timeline for midnight power state changes. - Allow remote editing of Sleep/Wake Schedules (WinSleep or greater required). - Stay Awake period is now attached to the Wake Schedule instead of the associated Task. - Stay Awake and Resume Schedules remotely; show client system information grid (WinSleep version or greater required). - Sleep/Hibernate/Wake a client computer remotely (WinSleep version or greater required). - Initial release.

Press Releases: - MollieSoft Announces the Release of WinSleep Monitor

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WinSleep Monitor (Remote Viewer) Screenshots

WinSleep Monitor - Main Screen

Client Timeline Graph

Edit WinSleep Client

Client Sleep Journal