DriveSnap by MollieSoft - Searchable files catalog for Windows. Tame the wilderness of your USB drives using DriveSnap!

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Search for files on your offline USB drives or DVDs! DriveSnap makes a searchable catalog of the files on any disk or network share.

Use DriveSnap for lightning-fast snaps and subsequent file viewing/searching.

Check out the 60-day free trial!      Current Version:, released March 15, 2022.

Use DriveSnap to search for files on USB drives, DVDs or network shares even when they are not available.

  • DriveSnap can create a searchable catalog of the files on any disk (fixed disk, USB drive, optical disk) or network share.
  • Once you take a snapshot of a disk, you can view or search its file listing quickly even though the disk is unavailable at the time (offline, unmounted, or removed from the computer).
  • Efficient and robust design for lightning-fast snaps and subsequent snap viewing and searching. Snap, view and search terabyte-capacity disks easily.
  • Snap disk files manually at any time, or automatically on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule.
  • Keep as many snap versions as you wish, based on cleanup rules; each snap has a unique timestamp.
  • Use SnapExplorer View to browse or search the files in a single snapshot.
  • Use Search View to find files in snaps for ALL disks, based on name, path, or file dates/sizes, using a full-featured query language.
  • SnapDiff View compares two snaps to find file differences.
  • SnapDup View analyses files in one or more snaps to find duplicate files.
  • Export snaps to Excel for offline viewing or analysis.

Requirements: Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

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Change Log: -

  • Added file type icons to all views.
  • Added progress bar for snaps.
  • Added settings for "Start minimized" and "Show tray notifications".
  • Faster comparisons in SnapDiff.
  • Fixed "tiny font" problem when selecting folders on some high DPI displays. -

  • Show/hide file list columns in various views.
  • Maximize/Restore button in Search and SnapDup views.
  • Separate Search help window.
  • Added Search view regexMatch operator.
  • Better history log entries for Search view.
  • Recent locations list in Snap Explorer.
  • Many performance improvements. - Ensure mounted drives are recognized during a scheduled snap. - Better mounted drive identification. - Fixed a drive refresh issue. - Initial release.

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