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BitCopy is the Swiss Army knife of Windows copy programs!

Check out the 180-day free trial!      Current Version:, released May 2, 2024.

BitCopy is a file copy program for Windows.

  • Say goodbye to XCOPY! Use BitCopy to automate any file copy task with precise control over which files are included or excluded.
  • Create copy sets (jobs) to copy files between any local or remote directories.
  • Select files to copy at each level of a directory hierarchy using a filter expression involving file name/path/date/size. Use AND/OR/NOT to build filters of arbitrary complexity. Use different filters for different subdirectories. Build and test filters interactively.
  • Efficient and robust design can handle millions of files and terabytes of data in a single copy set.
  • Copy all, newer, or just the missing files from the source to target directory.
  • Sync target with source directory to copy newer files from source and remove unmatched files from target.
  • Merge target and source directories to copy newer files from source to target, and from target to source.
  • Recognizes removable drives by their permanent volume serial, not by the drive letter (which can vary).
  • Use "Try It!" mode to predict which files would be copied.
  • Verify the copy job by comparing the actual contents (bits) of each source and target file after a copy, if desired.
  • Each copy set can be run manually at any time, or automatically on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule; optionally wake the computer from sleep to run a scheduled copy.
  • Copy Journal shows the complete past results (files copied and any errors) for all copy runs. See files being copied in real time for the current run.
  • Enable or disable any subdirectory of a copy set individually; this lets you turn on/off any part of the copy job at will.
  • Secure storage of logon credentials for network folders if desired.
  • Try BitCopy free for 180 days!

Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11

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Change Log: -

  • Changed license vendor from FastSpring to Gumroad.
  • Fixed bug: blank form when click "Show schedules". -

  • Added "Ask to stop" program setting.
  • Better folder selection dialog used when editing copy set source/target folders.
  • Several minor UI changes and bug fixes. -

  • Added "Ask to run" option for copy schedules.
  • Retain last manual copy mode used for each copy set, and show it on the main copy sets list.
  • Added new group copy mode "Use link copy modes" to use last manual copy modes of each link.
  • Settings option "Ask to sync or merge" to warn user on manual sync/merge copy.
  • Fixed bug: When the Stop or Stop all buttons are used, make sure all queued copy runs are stopped. -

  • Added word wrap checkbox and find bar to history log window.
  • Various minor bug fixes. -

  • Warn user when starting a manual copy using "Sync target to source" or "Merge target and source".
  • Improved Copy Journal appearance: no visible splitters, added file type icons.
  • Added "Start minimized" setting to always start BitCopy as minimized to the system tray.
  • Can now turn off system tray notifications if desired. -

  • Fixed "tiny font" problem when selecting folders on some high DPI displays.
  • Refresh source/target drive letters and make sure both are available before starting a copy. -

  • Added new copy modes "Sync target with source" and "Merge target and source".
  • Allow multiple simultaneous copy runs.
  • Recognize removable drives by volume serial number, even if the drive letter changes.
  • Backup/Restore program configuration. - No schedule can run while a dialog box is open. Update the statistics in the main window while a run is in progress. - Allow a copy run schedule to repeat periodically after the start time, within any scheduled day. - Added Copy Groups and Links to allow running a copy set with different source/target directories, or on a different schedule. - Disallow terminating "\" for source or target folder names. Show the overwrite mode (always, never, with newer) of copy runs in the Copy Journal. - Minor fixes - Initial release.

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