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Install FileMancer on your Windows PC, then download your files using any web browser, on any device!

Stop messing with USB cables and iTunes just to download your files to your iPad/iPhone! Let FileMancer transfer your files - no muss, no fuss!

Check it out today!      Current Version:, released July 22, 2020.

FileMancer is a FREE personal files website for Windows.

  • FileMancer creates a personal website on your computer allowing you to download your files through any web browser, on any device!
  • Use FileMancer on an iPad/iPhone to easily load e-books from your PC into iBooks without using USB cables or iTunes. Works on Android devices too!
  • You can easily transfer files using any modern web browser. FileMancer will work on most browsers on any iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, or on a Windows or Mac desktop. FileMancer looks great on an iPhone 8/10!
  • There is no complicated Windows IIS (Internet Information Services) setup involved! (FileMancer does not even use IIS.) All the details of creating and running a website are handled transparently inside FileMancer for you. All you have to do is run FileMancer on your Windows computer, create a user, then log in through any web browser.
  • No Windows network share is required. Your files are accessible through a web browser, and only to users with a valid login.
  • Create any number of separate users, each with his/her own files and settings. For each user, you have complete control over which file types and folders are visible through the website.
  • You can use FileMancer only within your local router if desired, or open a router port to access your files from anywhere on the internet.

Requirements: Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

Read the FileMancer FAQ

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Change Log: -

  • Various stability fixes for search cache.
  • Better wait logic in Add/Edit User dialogs. -

  • Optimized Search by caching the list of files in the file base path. This makes Search much more responsive for file base paths with many files.
  • Can now enable/disable users in Admin. (You cannot login a disabled user.)
  • Show the current website status area in Admin. If website is not running, allow user to restart website using a button in Admin.
  • Show last client request IP column in Admin. Provide the correct timestamp of the last client request.
  • Fixed bug preventing use of a network share for a user's file base path.
  • Less stringent timestamp validation during client login from a web server. - Initial release.

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FileMancer by MollieSoft
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