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Download and manage your podcasts automatically.

Check out the 60-day free trial!      Current Version:, released December 22, 2023.

PodSilo is a podcast downloader for Windows.

New! Use the Import Feeds dialog to easily add many predefined feeds.

  • Uses RSS feeds to automatically download podcast episodes for you!
  • Download and keep all episodes ever offered by a podcast feed, even though the feed only shows a few episodes at a time.
  • Download episodes manually or on a time schedule.
  • Creates readable file names for episodes based on the episode title.
  • Episodes can be saved on a USB drive or network shared folder.
  • Search episodes in all feeds by text, dates or sizes; use logical expressions to combine search conditions.
  • Manages disk space used by the downloaded episodes.
  • Episode cleanup rules determine which episodes are kept during catch-up, and how much disk space is available for each feed (or for all feeds).
  • The Feed Journal shows a detailed list of all feeds polled and episodes downloaded, and the progress of each poll and download.
  • PodSilo is efficient and performs well even with thousands of feeds!
  • Try PodSilo free for 60 days!

Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

Read the PodSilo FAQ

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Change Log: - Change license vendor from FastSpring to Gumroad. - Fix: During poll, ignore ALL links in RSS feed with malformed URLs. - Fix: During poll, ignore rss/channel/item/link nodes with malformed URLs. - Better handling of episode download links with redirects, e.g. if links use Podtrac prefixes. - When the download folder is changed in the Settings dialog, just move the individual feed folders instead of moving the entire download folder. -

  • Added Feed option: do not prepend publish date to feed episode files names for specific feeds.
  • Added "Ask to run" option for catchup schedules.
  • Prompt to mount when necessary if the download folder is on a removable drive.
  • Automatically turn off setting "Use NTFS Alternate Data Streams to track episodes" if download folder is not on an NTFS drive. - Set the "user agent" for all web requests (required for some podcast feeds). -

  • New setting "Start minimized" to always start PodSilo minimized to the system tray.
  • New setting "Show tray notifications" can be unchecked to turn off all notifications, e.g. when a catchup schedule runs.
  • Import Feeds dialog now has many predefined sample feeds you can easily add to PodSilo.
  • Added Search View helper button "Insert Search Term" showing the available search variables. Can now use regular expressions in Search View.
  • Hide columns in various lists as desired using the "Columns" button. - The download folder for feeds can now be on a removable USB drive or writable network share. - Improved performance of feeds and episodes lists. Allow a catch-up schedule to repeat periodically after the start time, within any scheduled day. New "Show All" button in Search View. Include "hidden" episodes in search results. - Fix: Parse length = "None" as "0" on some RSS feed media enclosures (fixes RSS of NPR feeds Radiolab, Snap Judgement, Money Talking). - Recognize any early config file (version < - Increased timeout limit for episode downloads from 10 minutes to 1 hour. - Message box fixes. - Make font bigger/smaller using Control-NumPlus, Control-NumMinus. Add user notes to episodes. Organize feeds by categories. Feed sort order is persistent (by title, enabled, or category). - Search episodes in all feeds by text, dates or sizes; use logical expressions to combine search conditions. - Explicitly mark episodes as "downloaded" in the Manage Episodes dialog. - Can now import episodes into PodSilo from a different podcast downloader program; allow subfolders for feed folders; accept TLS 1.2 feeds. - Various improvements for PodSilo.cfg and Feed.cfg: write temp files first, write EOF marker at end. -If a media file exists, it is always considered "downloaded", regardless of its provenance. More robust file I/O for config file PodSilo.cfg. Better handling for moving directories when renaming the download directory in Settings dialog. - If a feed has video items, episodes list now shows Media type column; use control-v to paste a feed url directly into the feeds list. - PodSilo now runs on (most) Windows 7 systems; handle some video feeds in addition to audio feeds; scroll to matching title entry as user types, in episode list or feed list. - Fix: parse feed date-times correctly for machines with non-English locale. - Workaround for some graphics cards that do not support the splash screen opacity settings. - Can now successfully poll feeds containing url-encoded self-referenced atom links (attribute rel="self"). - Hide, remove or rename episodes via the new Manage Episodes dialog. - Added an initial splash screen. - Fix: running out of total space always terminates catch-up or download commands. - Initial release.

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